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How to handle your wood: Clear Cedar Siding Installation Tips, Tricks, Mistakes, and How-To.

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Foundation Video Series

How to Handle Your Wood.

The Old Timer Tips and Tricks contained in this series will save you thousands of dollars and hours. This educational video series is a must-watch, whether you are a homeowner or builder. Learn about clear cedar siding installation tips, tricks and mistakes before you start your renovation so that you avoid the common errors made, positioning you for success in your cedar siding project!


Prepping Cedar the Right Way

We are happy to introduce the first video in the foundational video series, Prepping for Stain. There are some very important decisions that Chris covers in this video when it comes to taking proper care of your clear cedar siding.


Stacklimation: Stacking Cedar The Right Way

I coined the term “Stacklimation” to draw attention to this crucially important step. This video reveals the single most important detail in creating the effect of uniformity. If you don’t know at this stage, you can’t get it right down the road.


Level and Plumb

Level and plumb may sound boring but it’s the single most important thing installers can do to ease friction throughout the entire job. Old Timers take the long view, they know preparation makes everything easier. The truth of the matter is 9 of 10 structures are not dead plumb or dead level.


Wall Prep / Gap Technology

Rain Screen technology: drainage and air flow are vital to the long term performance of your wood siding. In this video we show you why a gap behind the siding is so important and several ways to achieve it.


Vertical Cedar Installation Mistakes

A tiny detail in the installation guide, if you miss it at the planning stage, you won’t see the problem until installation, by then it’s too late and will cost 5-digits to fix! The massive number of details that go into vertical cedar siding installation make it very easy to make this mistake. How it happens, why it happens and what to do about it, are what we cover in this video.


Critical Cuts Setting Up a Saw Station

Setting up a saw station correctly reduces installation time, minimizes waste and increases profit. Our master installer, Dennis Beachem knows a proper cutting station is critical, yet most people don’t even think about it. In this video discover how this small, frequently overlooked, detail can have a such a massive impact on your bottom line!


Hidden Installation Hand versus Gun Nailing

When installing wood siding, do I have to hand nail or can I use a nail gun? Yes! You must hand nail. Depending on your situation you can either hand nail, gun nail or use a combination of both. In this video we take a look at hidden installation to explain the pros and cons of hand vs gun nailing. We even throw in a hidden fastening clip system review, just for fun!


Clear Cedar Siding Expansion v. Contraction

Wood expands and contracts naturally with seasonal moisture changes. Cutting, nailing, aligning joints and placement of your wood siding are all affected by these forces. This video shows you how to prepare and account for expansion and contraction during installation. We take a look at failures, explain why they happened and show you how to do it right!


Seal Your Ends, Cover Your Butt

Sealing your ends is only exciting when you dont do it. We take an in depth look at what exactly happens when you do not seal all of your end cuts.

We learn more from failure than success so we are here to learn from past mistakes and show you the exact right way to do it.

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Exterior wood performance and stain considerations.