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One Mission

Striving to put control in the hands of the wood purchaser.


Three generations of wood industry experts are here to help guide you through the process of selecting the best wood products for your project. Our expertise lies in Milled-to-Order Redwood, Cedar, and High-end Finished Pine. We are here to educate you so you can avoid the costly common errors made when selecting the type of wood and stain for your project.

western red cedar clear stain

Gaining experience seeking answers to each customer’s personal project needs. Learning by working through the maze of industry specific language, standards, grades and measurements has made Buffalo Lumber an Industry Expert.

We share our experience and hard-earned knowledge with our customers, advising them on their projects.


Buffalo Lumber Community specializes in educating homeowners, architects, and contractors about Milled-to-order pre-finished – primed, painted, or stained – cedar siding, redwood siding and knotty pine paneling shipped direct from the mill to the consumer.


By creating the Buffalo Lumber Community we are now able to share our customer’s experiences with the consumers who are interested in learning more about how to avoid the mistakes and ensure their wood siding project’s success.


Together with the stories submitted by consumers visiting the Buffalo Lumber Community website, we can case-by-case help change the wood siding industry for the better.

Meet Chris Buffalo

I would love to tell you I had a lofty reason for a focus on project success and not number of sales but to be honest I just HATE it when people complain to me. To the point of neurosis sometimes (according to my team). I was just lucky this was the formula for success.

I started in the discount cedar business and you have to MAKE SURE your customers know WHY the wood is discounted or it’s a nightmare on delivery.

Negative Attributes

I became pretty aggressive in how I described the negative attributes of the wood because negative attributes are what separate wood lovers from people who should not buy the wood!

Wood lovers hear these (me trying to run people off) descriptions and say, “oh character flaws, that’s absolutely awesome, I love it!”

And the people who shouldn’t buy from us would go “oh I hate that” and everyone saved time and money (and WAY less people complain to me!).

Avoiding Failures

Flash forward to specifying wood for major high-end projects, my approach is you totally should NOT do wood if you are going to have a chance of failure. I have spent years looking at failures and finding out why they are happening.

In the same nature of getting in your face with the flaws of the discount cedar, failure cause IS the information you need to succeed. “Learning the Hard Way” is not how you want to do it, trust me.

99% project Success

I literally try to run you off with the challenges because this is the razor’s edge of success. If you make it through MY paranoia you have a 99.9% chance at long term project success.

Wood lovers are NOT finite. They are a continuous stream of knowledge-seeking crazy people who are going to do wood no matter what!

Those are the people I care about. They NEED to know this stuff. The good news is that this approach saves the people who should NOT use wood as much (or 10 times more) than the ones who go ahead with it. Talk about the ultimate Win/Win.

AIA Accredited Courses

Architects are wood lovers and they are the best researchers (especially when they are doing their own homes). Everything starts with a design and I have never had an architect get angry because I presented them with an accurate map of challenges to make decisions.

AIA accredited courses with a Negative Aspect Focus (AKA accurate map of challenges) are the best way to reduce failures. If more architects know about this stuff, less of it is going to happen.

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