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Customer Spotlight – Sleek Contemporary Clad in Real Cedar

Our Customer Spotlight is on Jim Parandes with JP Builders Co LLC – Alton, NH, US 03809 | Houzz IN

Project Background

Jim Parandes is a builder’s builder, creating custom homes, restaurants, and light commercial spaces. He’s been in and around the building industry his entire life and started JP Builders Co in 1984. JP Builders is a one-stop-shop, as Jim handles all aspects of design and build, creating a tight, cohesive flow from inception, to design, through build and finish.

He loves building rustic timber frame and log homes but has developed a keen eye for what his customers want, and he aims to please. He is a boots-on-the-ground builder, on-site making sure things get done right and on schedule.

Jim works with many out-of-state clients, building their vacation and retirement homes. Distance between him and his clients isn’t a hindrance as, over the years, he’s nurtured the ability to get an accurate sense of the homeowners’ style and aesthetics using good communication and lots of photos.

cedar siding install

Project Research

The home that grabbed our attention is a 3000 SF custom contemporary lake home. “I knew I wanted cedar,” Jim states. “I’m really, really hands-on, and when something is right to me, I know right away.” Jim chose Near Clear grade cedar 1×6 tongue and groove with beveled edges, installed vertically to enhance the contemporary style.

Through research and references, he found Buffalo Lumber. “I went online, and the way you guys operate, your selling, your shipping department, everything was like A1 for me.”

His early building experience includes renovating 200-year-old homes. He has a lot of experience working with wood, e.g., quarter-sawn siding, feather edge clapboard, and bead edge paneling.

cedar siding install

Project Outcome

As a craftsman, he has a lot of wood knowledge and he put it to good use. Jim ran a center band around the house that incorporated architectural form and function. Not only does the band aesthetically enhance the design, but it also allowed him to eliminate virtually all butt joints in the siding installation.

The look is smooth and sleek. The rich stain finish gives this home a warm and inviting feel.

How did he pick the beautiful finish color on the siding?

“I went back and forth with the customers, back and forth to your website, and there happened to see pictures of a job you guys featured, and it was the exact color I wanted.” (TWP #1516 “Rustic”, semi-transparent stain)

Jim chose to have the cedar siding pre-finished at the mill. Not only did it save time and money but the factory-finish included the critical back seal, protecting the back side of the wood from moisture damage.

cedar siding install

He went beyond “by the book” when it came to protecting the cut ends … every cut was coated twice!

“My guys know what I expect and share my values and work ethic. We work together to get the job done right.”

Project Conclusion

The siding installation is completed on the lake home and this project is just about finished. We love the detail we see in the installation. As Jami spoke with Jim throughout the order and delivery process, she came to know him as an astute businessman and knowledgeable builder who cares about his projects and makes sure every aspect of the build is done correctly.

Jim told Jami that working with Buffalo Lumber “…was a great experience” and “the product was great“. Coming from Jim, that’s a fine endorsement.

Jim Parandes’ work speaks for itself. The home that cinched this Spotlight is a stunner!

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