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Hammered Cedar – The Worst Wood Siding Installation Story

Here’s a quick customer tale about a wood siding installation job that really exemplifies why Buffalo Lumber believes educating customers about wood ownership BEFORE they purchase will ensure a happy outcome AFTER the project is completed.

Customers come to us from different roles in a project. Some are homeowners, some are builders, and even architects have purchased from us.

This particular customer was the general contractor, or GC. The homeowner also worked closely with the GC and myself in siding and color selection.

Bad Wood Siding Installation Job

Project Brief

It was a good-sized job, almost 3700sqft of clear grade T&G cedar siding. A big investment for the homeowner. It was beautiful cedar, delivered on time and in perfect condition.

wood siding installation

Project Challenges

Not long after delivery, I received a call from the homeowner, worried and horrified, because the installer, who worked for the GC, was all over the place with the hammer.

Nails were driven in randomly, hammer dings were everywhere, and plank joints weren’t aligned.

wood siding installation

He sent me a few photos. It was the worst installation I’d ever seen.

wood siding installation

I agreed to talk with the installer, who was offended that I was questioning his work and walked off the job. He wasn’t an experienced wood siding installer and he knew it was over for him.

wood siding installation

Project Solution

I talked with the homeowner about the craftsmanship and experience necessary to install wood siding. With a little knowledge under his belt, he confronted his GC.

After inspecting the wood and checking his bid, the GC decided he wouldn’t be able to finish the installation and they parted ways.

I helped the homeowner shop around for experienced installers and vetted one I was certain could get the job done. The new installer did a beautiful job.

So good was the installation that we published it in our magazine. It’s so important to know the questions to ask as a homeowner when trying to find a wood siding installer.

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What To Know About Wood Siding Installation

What’s to be learned from this tale? A little knowledge goes a long way.

I got my client, the GC, fired when I told the homeowners he wasn’t experienced with wood and proper wood installation. All of this could have been avoided with a little wood know-how.

Don’t assume a GC or architect is familiar enough with wood siding to ask or answer important questions about wood siding.

Installing wood siding is a craft. There’s more to it than nailing boards to a wall. Experienced wood installers know this and they bid based on the work involved. A good installer will charge about 30% more than an inexperienced installer. Know what to ask about wood installation before installation begins.

Be proactive. Inspect the work. People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect. There was just 150 square feet of siding installed when the homeowner saw the problems. Imagine if he hadn’t inspected at all or even at the half-way point.

If you’re considering cedar siding and just starting your quest, check out the Top 20 Cedar Siding Frequently Asked Questions. It’s a mini tutorial that will put you at the top of the class.

In closing, my priority was, and always will be, to make sure the wood gets properly installed. I do want happy customers. But, in the end, I want happy wood lovers.

cedar siding on house

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    1. We used in combination of bleaching oil and white Wash to get the home kicked off on the natural aging process

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